Aluminium Box Gutters Cape Town

Aluminium Box Gutters

We also install the following Box Gutter profiles:

Small Box Gutters 125mm x 125mm

This box gutter is often used where the architectural appearance of the building requires a smaller square profile gutter.

Large Box Gutters 150mm x 150mm

This gutter is mainly used on industrial buildings where large roof surfaces require a bigger capacity gutter. This type of gutter has a large capacity and can be used as concealed gutters for parapet walls.

Please Note:

Within the abovementioned parameters, seamless box gutters can be rolled in widths varying from 100mm to 175mm by using 285mm, 355mm, 381mm or 448mm girth material.

Please contact us with your specific requirements in terms of sizes and appearance, as box gutters can be custom made.

Aluminium Box Gutters
Small Gutter
Aluminium Box Gutters
Gutter Sample
Aluminium Box Gutters
Large Gutter