Aluminium Gutters Advantages

Why Choose Seamless Aluminium Gutters?

Our gutters are manufactured with specialised equipment on your premises in sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of your roof surface area, building aesthetics and colour scheme.


  • They are low-maintenance (rinse off with soap and water annually)
  • They are seamless and will therefore not leak at the joints
  • The material of our aluminium gutters are factory guaranteed for 15 years
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed for two years
  • Seamless Aluminium Gutters are architecturally attractive and lends a professional finish to your home
  • All the joining and tacking components are rustproof.
  • Gutters can be fixed to fascia boards, rafter ends and walls or hung from the roof itself. The aluminium brackets used are concealed into the gutter which lends to the seamless look. Stopends are cramped into the Ogee gutter and sealed on the inside with Dow Corning 813 Silicone sealer.
  • Cost - Compare the prices and features of PVC and Seamless Aluminium Gutters, take all the other considerations into account, you really have no other option in the long (or even medium) term.

A Few Examples